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We have helped hundreds of people like you fix their tax problems. Below are only a few of the examples of how we've helped our clients. We do everything we can, using a variety of options to reduce the tax, interest, and penalties that our client's owe. Please read some of our success stories below.

Chris & Nicole, Florida

 Chris & Nicole contacted us in August 2019 owing the IRS approximately $39,000. We submitted an offer in compromise in November 2019. Although Covid delayed much of the processes at the IRS, the offer in compromise was negotiated and accepted in March 2021 as originally submitted for the amount of $3,000. (92% reduction)

John, Michigan

 John originally hired our company owing a balance to the IRS of approximately $6,000 and wished to secure his account with the IRS into currently not collectible status. This was accomplished and we later evaluated his situation further. We later were able to work with him to submit an offer in compromise to the IRS which was accepted for a total of $50.00. Thanks John! (99% reduction)

Cheryl, Florida

 Cheryl first hired our firm in January 2018 with a balance owed to the IRS of almost $36,000. Her 2016 and 2017 tax returns had not yet been filed. We took care of those for her but had to wait some time to get required information in order to file the returns and also the necessary documents to submit an offer in compromise request. There was additional tax owed for both years. Although we filed her tax returns in July, by the time we received the other information, it was nearly 2018 and she was likely going to owe again. We filed her 2018 tax return in February 2019 which brought her balance up to approximately $41,770, updated the necessary records for the offer request and submitted the request the same month. The IRS began reviewing the offer in August 2019. The examiner initially advised that she was proposing a rejection of the offered amount and that she could full pay the balance due. This was primarily because of issues overlooked by the examiner, also a couple of abnormal circumstances. We worked with the examiner and secured the acceptance of the original offered amount of $3,048 in October 2019. She will likely not owe any new tax moving forward either. Due to some of the issues in Cheryl's situation, if not for our experience and efforts, the examiner likely would not have accepted the offer in compromise. Thanks Cheryl! (93% reduction)

Dashaud, Georgia

 Dashaud came to us in August 2018 having incorrectly filed a tax return when he relocated to a different state and was undergoing examination changes. We amended his state tax return for GA and filed the required return for CO (not previously filed) reporting the income correctly between the two states. The net effect actually reduced his tax with the states with a net balance due of $179. The balance owed to the IRS was $6,646. We compiled and submitted an offer in compromise to the IRS which was accepted in July 2019 for $300. (96% reduction)

Daniel, Florida

 Dan and his wife were referred to us by an existing client in June 2018. They had 4 years of unfiled tax returns with a balance expected of approximately $43,456. The IRS was preparing their 2014 tax year as a substitute return which brought the total to $127,340. Once we were involved, we protected them from enforcement action while the information was compiled to prepare their tax returns, we made proper recommendations regarding their tax filings and filed their returns accordingly resulting in a balance owed of $26,566 instead. They have since paid off the majority of their balance leaving $6108.31 being paid on a monthly installment agreement. We also removed penalties and reduced that balance by an additional $1,680 bringing it further down to $4,466.90. They are extremely happy with the results. (97% reduction)

Lacey, Florida

 Lacey first hired us in December 2017 owing the IRS $17,000. We worked with her to get her current with her estimated tax obligations and gathered the necessary financial documents to compile and submit an offer in compromise request. Meanwhile, we secured her tax account at the IRS into currently not collectible status to prevent enforcement action by the IRS and to reduce the amount of time we would have to spend extending IRS deadlines, saving her money. We submitted the offer in compromise in late May 2018, the government shutdown in December halted the IRS review temporarily but it was formally accepted for a total of $200.00 in February 2019. (99% reduction)

Destry, Colorado

 Destry first came to us in March of 2018 once again as a referred client owing just over $17,000 to the IRS and $5,500 to the state. We established a payment plan on the balance with the state while we prepared and negotiated an offer in compromise with the IRS that was accepted for only $500.00 (97% reduction) in November 2018. Thanks Destry!

Omentus, Virginia

 Omentus came to us in May of 2017 owing approximately $7,000. Another tax year was under examination and once the IRS assessed all balances that were owed, the total owed came up to $17,089. We established a payment plan with the State of Virginia for the smaller balances owed to them. We prepared and negotiated an offer in compromise securing approval of just a $50.00 (99.8% reduction) settlement with the IRS in October 2018. That’s a good day’s work to say the least. Thanks Omentus!

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Lewis, Maryland

 Lewis hired us in June of 2017 owing the IRS $18,488 and the State of Maryland $86,812. The State of MD suspsendeed his driver's license due to the unpaid tax. We began work on his case immediately, as we do with all of our clients, and negotiated an agreement with the State of MD to have his driver's license reinstated. He otherwise wished to settle with the IRS and State of MD through the offer in compromise program for which he qualified. After a thorough review of his circumstances we determined the best plan of action for him was to place his IRS account into currently not collectible status and submit an offer in compromise to the State of Maryland. The reason for this was that the IRS collection statutes expire in February and August of 2019. If we had filed an offer in compromise with the IRS it would have extended that collection statute for 1 more year plus the timeframe the IRS was considering the offer. Having prepared accurate financial statements, we placed his account at the IRS into currently not collectible status in December of 2017. The typical timeframe the status remains in place is 1 to 2 years. This in essence will cause the IRS to write off  the $18,488 upon those expiration dates in 2019 which will leave a $0 balance. Lewis agreed to have us continue monitoring his IRS account to ensure of this result. Additionally, we submitted an offer in compromise to the State of Maryland in January of 2018 which was negotiated then accepted in June 2018 for $23,067.87, a 74% reduction. A payment agreement of $500/month was established to address his settled balance. Lewis was extremely satisfied with the end result.

Pablo, Florida

 Pablo initially came to us owing $7,901 due to an examination change made by the IRS regarding his dependents. He initially decided to try to handle things himself during the examination but was unsuccessful. When he reached out to us to help, we gathered the necessary information and requested an audit reconsideration request. The IRS continued to dispute eligibility for him to claim the dependents even though documentation evidenced his ability to do so. After a bit of back and forth with the IRS we were able to completely remove the entire balance in May 2018 which had grown to $9,057 while the IRS performed their reviews. Even though the IRS initially disputed the claims, the fact was he should have been allowed to claim the dependents based on the guidelines and the documentation we provided. We didn’t give up because we are familiar with what is needed and when to push back and in doing so we removed his entire balance owed and actually received a refund of $155 instead.

Eric, Florida

 Eric came to us through a referral from another tax representative in December 2016. He had 2 prior representatives before hiring us. He owed the IRS $125,000 at the time. His revenue officer was aggressively pursuing him, threatening levies, liens, seizure and issuing summonses. It was a nightmare for him, he was terrified and did not know what to do. He was following advice from his prior representation and to put it simply, it was extremely bad advice and it got him in hot water with his revenue officer. He believed that tax representatives he hired previously were speaking with the revenue officer when they, in fact, were not. Eric had 2 tax returns that were not filed which we prepared. Once all returns were filed, he owed over $208,000. We were able to acquire all necessary documents to meet requests made by the revenue officer communicating regularly with her and Eric. We subdued the aggressiveness of his revenue officer turning the horrible and tense situation into an extremely amicable one. Once we had cleared up the collection issues in his case we compiled and submitted a request for an offer in compromise in July 2017 which the revenue officer also gave her recommendation on. We were able to bring the case from the revenue officer applying maximum pressure and threatening him to her recommending the offer in compromise for his case. The offer was accepted in April of 2018 for $9,375 in total, a 95% reduction. He has paid that in full and now owes nothing to the IRS. He always tells us he doesn’t know what he would have done without us and recommends us to everyone and continues to use our services for other purposes. Thanks Eric!

Robert, Florida

 Robert first hired us in November of 2015 with years of un-filed tax returns going back to 2009. At the time, he owed $40,079 not inculding his unfiled taxes. We secured a stay of enforcment protecting him from collection action at the IRS while we worked with him to gather the necessary records to file his past tax returns. We later placed his IRS account in currently not colletible status to ultimately save him money on our services as it was taking some time for him to gather the tax records required to file his tax returns. Once all of his tax returns were filed then processed by the IRS, his balance increased to  $72,579. We prepared and submitted an offer in compromise to settle his taxes with the IRS in April of 2016 which was accepted by the IRS on November 30th, 2017 for $500, a reduction of more than 99%. He paid that in full and owes nothing to the IRS anymore. He was so happy with the results that he tells everyone he knows that has a tax issue to contact us and continues to use our other services himself. He couldn't believe the IRS settled for that little and sings our praises in whatever ways he can. Thanks Rob!

Alice, Texas

 Alice retained our services in March of 2017 related to an IRS audit she had undergone for tax year 2014 and 2015 in which the IRS disallowed her dependents and certain credits. She was unsuccessful in proving the disalllowed items to the examiner causing her to owe $11,819.71. We started immediately, gathering necessary documents , discussing and presenting her case to the examiner properly based on her circumstances. The IRS examiner accepted our response and allowed all of her deductions clearing the balance in its entirety. The end result is that the IRS did not assess any tax, a 100% reduction. Had Alice not hired us, she would likely be paying back well over $12,000 to include the interest and penalties she would have been assessed. She was ecstatic about the result and stated that if she ever had a problem in the future we would no doubt be who she contacts for assistance.

Micheal, Minnesota

 Michael came to us in August of 2016 with a tax debt of $62,205. We performed a financial analysis and determined that he qualified for the offer in compromise program. We secured a stay of enforcement preventing collection action by the IRS while necessary work was being performed. In early November of 2016, upon receipt of required documents from Michael, we compiled and submitted the offer request to the IRS. The IRS completed it’s review of the offer in compromise in April of 2017. We then worked with the offer examiner discussing his questions and additional details. The offer examiner included non-liable spouse income but did not allow for expenses that were shared. We responded with IRS regulations and documents supporting inclusion of the expenses. The IRS offer examiner accepted the offer in compromise request as we originally submitted it for the amount of $3,745 (94% reduction) in June of 2017. If we had not been involved, the offer examiner would have ignored IRS guidelines and rejected the offer.

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James, Colorado

 James first became a client of ours through a referral from an existing client in March of 2017. He was burned by a previous company that he hired, paying them $4,000 for a doubt as to liability offer in compromise on a tax debt of $23,000. They submitted the offer in compromise which was returned within a couple of weeks due to a missing signature. After that point, the company did nothing else, they just left him hanging. James established a payment plan with the IRS because it was told to him that it was all he could do at that point. The debt was assessed due to income that was not reported by him on his 2013 tax return that he believed he never received and that his employer misreported. The transportation company that he worked for during 2013 refused to provide any evidence of his pay, mileage, trip settlement sheets though the records were kept electronically and available even per our communications with the company. James explained all of the information to the previous tax firm as well. He did not keep proper records for himself as well. We spent time talking to the different companies involved in handling the electronic records, leases and expense management working with James gathering necessary details to investigate the circumstances that he had explained to us. In June 2017, we secured the removal initially of $5,386 in penalties while we awaited a response from the IRS regarding the issues surrounding the income reporting discrepancies. In May of 2018, the IRS responded after completing its investigation into the income reporting discrepancy issuing a $12,091.88 refund to James. (100% reduction) He now owes nothing to the IRS and paid us less than half the cost of the previous company he worked with. Well worth it in the end.

Cheryl, California

 Cheryl hired us in April of 2017 having issues with the State of CA Franchise Tax Board (FTB). She owed over $24,000 for tax years 1997, 2003, and 2004 which was due to tax returns she never filed.  She didn’t file the returns because she didn’t work at that time. Because she held a state license, the State of CA estimated her income solely based on what the average person with her license makes annually. California has ceased these practices since 2004, however, the previous balances from issues like this still remain due. She hired prior CPAs and tax relief companies to address the problem, but nothing was ever accomplished, and the FTB rejected returns that were submitted by the prior companies as well. We worked to secure details and records of income that were available, prepared her 1997 tax return and removed the entire balance owed for 1997 leaving only a balance owed for 2003 and 2004 of $8,132 (66% reduction). We simply asked the right questions, provided the right information and spoke with the right people to accomplish this. We then established a payment agreement with the FTB to address that balance within 5 years. Again, we succeeded where others had failed on even the most basic of issues for a tax professional. Cheryl was ecstatic with our results.

Norman, Arizona

 Norm has been a long time client and came to us after numerous attempts to have their tax preparer contact them to do their tax returns. Prior to working with us, his previous tax company failed to work effeciently enough to meet the deadline to request a refund from the State of California on balances he ultimately did not owe. The State of California had "estimated" income amounts going back to 1994 for which they seized his retirement account for over $147,000 in 2012. The State of California has a 1 year refund statute expiration date on payments made. They did file the returns and cleared most of the remaining balances as he didn't owe tax there as a non-resident. Because of the lack of attention to detail, Norm lost over $147,000. He decided to pay his balance to the IRS by financing his home and started that process prior to working with us rather than paying large monthly installments to the IRS. 

Once he hired us, there were still a couple of issues outstanding with the State of California that needed to be addressed and over $183,000 owed to the IRS. We worked with his lender to assist in closing the loan and have the payment applied in the most advantageous way for him. In the end, the IRS ended up issuing him a $29,000 refund. Upon filing his 2016 tax return he owed a balance which we established a small payment arrangment for at his request, which he later paid in full. The State of California never processed the return for his 2001 tax year and still showed a balance owed. We filed the return properly and cleared that balance there of $4,800. Additionally, he had not been receiving his pension for the previous 8 years and just assumed it was because he owed the State of California. However, this was not the case. We worked with the State of CA and Norm, helping to secure payment distributions of his pension to him of over $124,000 over a period of 10 weeks that were being held by the State. Additionally, Norm's spouse had been advised to file separately by her preparer, most likely in order to avoid seizure of refunds or prevent her liablity for his tax burden and always did so without question even after the tax was no longer owed. Upon the full resolution of Norm's tax balances, we discussed filing amended tax returns for the prior 3 years changing them to married filing joint status. It was agreed to do so and we secured over $12,000 in additional refunds for them. They have recooped their lost $147,000 and then some, and are saving over 50% in tax on their tax filings moving forward compared to their previous methods. Extemely happy campers! Thanks Norm & Marj! 

Robert, Alabama

 Robert hired us initially in May 2017 only to establish payment agreements with the IRS and State of MD. He owed $14,052 to the IRS and $7,460 to the State of MD for tax year 2016. He was unaware that he owed the State of AL $1,861 for 2016. Robert had filed his returns himself and we determined he made mistakes in properly reporting income between MD and AL. In July 2017, we revised his payment agreement on the balance with the IRS bringing his monthly payment from $2,000/month down to $272/month. We prepared amended returns for 2016 which resulted in a $749 refund from AL and a reduction in tax to MD of $4,627, leaving only a balance of $2,833 (62% reduction). He has since paid his tax balances off and continues to use our tax preparation and advisory services. Thanks Robert!

Phillip, Georgia

 Phillip hired us on March 14th, 2017 because he owed $34,000 to the IRS and they were garnishing his weekly paycheck leaving him with $266/week (prior to garnishment he received over $1,300/week). We secured necessary information from him and released the garnishment on March 15th, 2017. We established a payment agreement for $606/month as well. In releasing his garnishment, we found he had not filed his 2013, 2014 or 2015 tax returns. Based on income information, we found that he was due refunds for all 3 years although he was not required to file them. On March 16th, 2017, we acquired all necessary income and tax information and prepared all three tax returns resulting in $7,026 in refunds. Had these not been filed by April 15th, he would have lost the refund due for his 2013 tax year. (On a side note, it’s amazing how many cases we see that other companies/professionals miss these types of details) The IRS lost his 2014 tax return which we resubmitted. We continued monitoring the processing of the returns and application of his refunds to his prior balances. Phillip had us also prepare his 2016 and 2017 tax returns and plans to continue using our services from this point forward. He started with $34,000 owed to the IRS which was reduced by $13,000 and we then revised his agreement with the IRS from $606/month down to $390/month. No more garnishments, reduced balance owed, and a low monthly payment that won’t let interest and penalties climb. He continues to use our services for other purposes. Thanks Philip!

 John, New Jersey

John first came to us in May 2017 owing $90,811 to the IRS. The IRS was requiring him to pay $1,112/month which he could not afford. We secured and maintained a stay of enforcement keeping him protected from IRS levies while we gathered the necessary information from him. He previously made an attempt to fix his tax burden through the Taxpayer Advocate Service as well. The Taxpayer Advocate working his case came to the conclusion that he could pay $1,000/month. Having received all the proper information and compiled a financial statement in accordance with IRS guidelines we presented his situation to the IRS and secured his account into Currently Not Collectible status. Even the taxpayer advocate he worked with before us was requiring him to pay $1,000/month. We portrayed John’s situation clearly to the IRS collections department and secured the results.

Anthony, Kansas

 Anthony hired us in May 2016 with a balance owed to the IRS of $40,057. We were able to reduce his balance to $20,510 (51% of what he owed). He hadn’t filed his 2016 tax return which we took care of for him. The 2016 tax due added to the balance he owed bringing it up to $28,042, still a 30% overall reduction. We then established a payment agreement with the IRS of $720/month on that balance. He continues to use our firm for other services. Thanks Tony!

Jay, Louisiana

 Jay first hired us in September 2016 for help with his balance at the IRS of $3,572. We placed his account into currently not collectible status. The collection statute expired in January of 2018. He no longer owes the IRS (100% reduction) and receives refunds from the IRS and State of LA. He continues to use our services. Thanks Jay!

Victor, Illinois

 Victor first retained our services in December of 2015 to establish a payment agreement with the IRS for his balance owed of $6,000. However, he had not filed a number of tax returns. We prepared his 2011 through 2014 income tax returns. Once processed the resulting balance owed was $23,710 in April 2016. He also owed the State of Illinois $6,821.  We prepared and submitted an offer in compromise request to the IRS in April 2016 which was accepted for $2,803 in November 2016, an 88% reduction. We established a payment agreement with the State of Illinois in the amount of $138.00/month for his balance there. He continues to rely on our advice and uses our other services. Thanks Victor!

Kenneth, South Carolina

 Ken first started working with us in May of 2015 owing the IRS $87,907. We prepared and submitted an offer in compromise to the IRS on his behalf which was later approved for $500 in October 2015, a more than 99% reduction. He made the final payment on his offer in April of 2016 and satisfied the payment terms of his offer leaving him owing nothing to the IRS.

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