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Offer In Compromise

Did you know that you can settle your debt with the IRS for a fraction of what you owe with their Offer in Compromise program? The program allows taxpayers to settle with the IRS on tax debt that has been incorrectly assessed or for liabilities they cannot afford to pay. It is true, and in some cases, even if you can pay the amount you owe, special circumstances may allow you to still settle your debt with the IRS.

The IRS Code states: "We will accept an Offer in Compromise when it is unlikely that we can collect the full amount owed and the amount you offer reasonably reflects the collection potential..." (Internal Revenue Code section 7122). 

Often it is possible to fully and completely eliminate the taxes you owe - including all penalties and interest - at an enormous discount. There is no preset bottom limit that the IRS will accept to settle your debt especially if your offer is done "right." 

If done correctly your debt may be settled for a fraction of what you presently owe. The key is to determine the least amount that the IRS will accept from you before you make the offer. We are extremely experienced in this area and well versed with Offer in Compromise guidelines. We are able to secure the lowest possible settlement with the IRS and applicable State tax authorities. We have easily settled tax debts over $100,000 for $500.00 or less. In some cases we have acheived even greater results. The results for each case are based on the unique details associated with each case. This is why it is important to have an experienced and knowledgeable individual perform an expert analysis considering your specific circumstances. Without this, you may never know whether you could pay less to the IRS or not. Take the time and make sure you look at the options before you.

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